Mission & Values

We are dedicated to providing opportunities for all men, young or old, to live a better life when facing cancer or the risk of cancer. 

Our donations are given to Cancer focused charities, without regard to race, religion, or background. We strive to aid those in need, and we thank all of you for helping us to achieve that. 

We were founded in 2013, by Jo Brazier, Jo started her charitable activities by creating the first Male focused campaign event in Hastings, East Sussex. Since then, her activities have grown, prospered and expanded. 

Our Partners

Without the support, time, energy and investment from our partners YFRONTRUN would not be the campaign is it today nor would we be able to grow and develop any further. We are forever thankful to our partners and encourage you to take a moment to learn a little more about them.

Our Team

The members of our team work throughout the year to bring education, support and fund raising to those male cancer charities that seek to provide care for the thousands effected by all forms of male cancer.
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